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Amusement equipment management should be institutionalized, and professional
Jun 30, 2016

As more and more play equipment into people's daily lives, amusement equipment management and maintenance has become increasingly valued by people, then how on earth do people who are the right management be maintained?

, To establish sound and efficient security management institution

Clear all levels and positions of security responsibilities.

Second, training education

Often in for playground equipment safety-related training and education activities.

Third, periodic inspection

Regularly check whether size playground must be done, organizations employees by year, quarter, month, holiday equipment checks before and before the season began.

Four, develop staff security awareness

Amusement device units should pay attention to the safe management of important safety management on the agenda.

Five, the establishment of a safety management system

Playground equipment is a common safety management systems safety management systems, full day duty system, inspection systems, amusement equipment safety procedures and accident reporting system.

Six, setting up a security check archives

Every day, or every time an inspection would record to check the log, convenient for later viewing.

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