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Be careful choosing a children's play equipment to what matters
Jun 30, 2016

Children's play equipment to careful in choosing what work? Want to know see below.

First of all: children's play facilities relied mainly on beautiful appearance, colorful lights and sweet music attracts the children, so that the overall shape is very, very important.  As long as the product for the first time be able to attract customers, giving customers a good impression, he just may become your regular, and the style is very important, must be made first time customers but also have a second, third, stable so as to source, this needs there are lots of styles, and each shape with a message. Second: the overall quality. If you want to attract customers for a long time, must convince customers that your products if customers take when your children's play facilities, would certainly have a impact on customers, bad products, and affect the mood of customers visit, and you will lose some customers.

In addition: motor choice. This is whole Taiwan facilities of core where, if motor not standard not qualified, if according to rated crew sat full, may on will with not moving, if forced led, with of results is tire burst tire, and motor capacitor burned, status, this regardless of is on customer also is operators, are is a very bad of phenomenon, while will effect customer of mood, on the will to you brings a pen not small of maintenance costs and business loss fee.

And finally: transmission connecting rod design. Whether it is driving up or down the drive, drive is second only to an important part of the motor, which is part of the core rod, products support all the ups and downs in the connecting rod, connecting rod part must be able to adjust the imbalance when turning, so as to avoid the result of cannot regulate connecting rod breaks.

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