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Children's play equipment maintenance to pay attention to the following three points
Jun 30, 2016

Children's play equipment after installation, because every operation will be used as a large amusement equipment site owners should pay attention to staff every day maintenance to avoid accidents.

Large recreational equipment or large parks because of particularly high traffic every day, so for children's play equipment are needed three times a day to check, before running, running and running, respectively; in addition, as a regular weekly check, monthly inspection and inspection is to attach great importance to.

1. check to start with a key part of children's play equipment, children's amusement machine rotating bearings, vibration screw, machine oil, whether sensitive, children's play equipment, safety belts, safety bars, safety lock and safety pins are dangerous.

2. every holiday, 51, Children's Day such a great holiday or summer vacation approaching, children's play equipment are thoroughly checked to ensure safety to avoid failure.

3. While each children's play equipment require careful inspection and maintenance, test location is different but different facilities, such as bumper cars: mainly to see the Continuity of the floor, surrounded by protective if there is any damage, seat belts and softer crash pad for damage. Softer crash pad if damaged in the collision, causing bodily harm, adults may hit what happened, but for kids, direct impact is the face and hands, is dangerous.

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