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Children's play equipment should pay attention to some
Jun 30, 2016

Amusement equipment and focus on now, all kinds of amusement devices emerge, Fulong remind visitors of amusement equipment, children on play equipment should be noted in particular: what matters? Next small series to introduce considerations for amusement ride equipment!

1. look for the playground equipment "security pass" logo.

2. prohibit unfasten the seat belt and the car door.

3. follow the playground directed people in order from top to bottom.

4. Please read before taking children's entertainment facilities "For Passengers".

5. orbit small train and controlled aircraft compartment, please help good stability, not slapstick, not head, hands out of the window.

6. no recreational facilities for children rocking chair lift basket, no standing in the hanging Chair, hanging baskets or sitting on the seat.

7. the case of recreational facilities for children fails, don't panic, in place to wait, listen, wait staff relief, don't take self-help measures.

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