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Different children's play equipment what are the advantages and disadvantages
Jun 30, 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of different children's play equipment is actually different, therefore, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the characteristics of children's play equipment, children's play equipment we need to first understand the specific material. Now, to introduce, the specific advantages and disadvantages of different children's play equipment:

1, wooden materials, facilities, advantages of which are natural, nontoxic raw materials easy, can be combined flexibly according to the requirements of children's play equipment assembling. Disadvantage is the need and apply antiseptic damp-proof surface treatment for older children more vulnerable to damage.

2 facilities, rubber, synthetic materials, it's advantage to have material plasticity, can create a wide variety of facility components, colorful, corners can be rounded according to the children's play equipment flexible and combine. Also included are not easy to recycle, easy degumming or fade, and so on.

3, concrete production facilities, it has the advantage of plastics can be used for a large children's play equipment and construction, suitable for children's play equipment for large and giant. Weakness was also evident, hard rough materials, not suitable for toddlers and small children play, poor safety.

4 children's play equipment, metal material, advantage of rugged, matte surface can be smooth or can do slip out, changing shape, easy to assemble. Disadvantages include components or interfaces for children in a dangerous, because the hard texture of the children who are more prone to danger.

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