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How to improve the quality of children's play equipment and testing work
Jun 30, 2016

The approach of summer vacation, a large number of children to the children's play equipment, this happy children's amusement machine operators. Many investors look at this phenomenon, not wanting to buy open amusement park children's play equipment. However, children's play equipment at the time of purchase have to do testing. Let us introduce the following several testing methods of children's play equipment.

Children's play equipment is important, the appearance of a pre-requisite for attracting children and guarantee, beautiful form of nature can attract children's attention and goodwill, but corners of children's play equipment must not be sharp edges so as not to hurt the child.

Children's play equipment parts. Accessories are integral part of the children's playground equipment, determines the quality of the entire children's play equipment and service life, so for equipment parts be sure to look for the regular factory production.

Children's play equipment required in the structure with a good seamless steel tubes for structures, PVC foam tube packaging, are not allowed to meet children's place and easy to damage the weak point, must meet the mechanical structure, maintain strong stable of children's play equipment.

Children's play equipment regularly check testing, operation, maintenance is also necessary, preventive measures are the best way of maintenance, or wait until there is a problem and then seek solutions, you will lose and will delay the deal.

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