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New playground equipment running in phases to the attention of the
Jun 30, 2016

New playground equipment was put into operation in the beginning of time, inevitably have experienced a break-in phase. In the run-in phase, performance and quality of new play equipment will usually have some differences and normal operation phase. Next, Fu small series to introduce to everyone the run-in phase of new playground equipment, hoping to help.

In the run-in phase of new playground equipment. New of friction contact surface has must of rough degrees, try machine contact area is small, so, new amusement equipment running began Shi, wear is quickly new amusement equipment, with running of constantly for, rough surface of raised gradually was mill flat, try machine contact area gradually increases, surface became compared smooth flat, wear rate gradually reduced, dang reached a a degree Hou trend stable, at for running stage end. The wear of this period called the early abrasion.

New playground equipment running stage is the deliberate use of the phase of minor wear, creating the conditions for stable wear in normal operation. At this stage, without running the equipment, new play equipment shall comply with provisions such as load, speed, reasonable action, and low viscosity lubricating oil, temperature and so on. In addition, in order to shorten the period, using the appropriate advanced technology and improve equipment utilization. New playground equipment running after the clear lubricating system, meet the quality requirements of lubricating oil.

That's presentation on the run-in phase of new playground equipment, run-in phase must be aware of new play equipment maintenance to avoid corruption and failure of the new playground equipment.

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