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8 Trends Of Future Development Of Children's Play Equipment
Jun 30, 2016

1, landscapes, cultural theme park amusement theme inherent logic, elements, and so on, into physical and figurative, can watch and the Visual impact of the landscape. Cultural connotation of landscape, the landscape is the carrier of culture, through the landscape, allowing visitors to feel the pleasure of theme park wants to express cultural theme.

2, experience culture refers to the topic of informative, entertaining and culture into a process, so that the visitors in this process of cultural value, content recognition and resonance.

3, interaction modes include social interaction with human interaction, recreation, recreational interaction, interactive experience, staff and visitor interaction, interaction between entertainers and tourists. Interactive arrangements give the people a sense of participation, the experience has been a great meet, visitors can tour scenic spots, travel history, experience the atmosphere of the folk customs, feel pleasure at the same time, the amusement theme to heart, so as to upgrade the theme park spending patterns.

4, slow down the process of leisure is pleasure, the formation of enjoyable in a slow process. As set in the theme park playground equipment outside the massage room, beer, tea ceremony performances, these leisure visitors in the rush of tourists in the process enjoy the cultural connotation of high-end products.

5, commercialization of props, distinctive logo, mascot into marketable items, souvenirs, and commercialization of such methods are called props. Props commercialization strengthen the participation of theme parks, amusement, but also may extend the visitor experience, lengthen tourist consumption chain.

6, entertainment is not dynamic, dynamic way, but in the form of performing arts activities, including automatic light show, individual/group performance, simplified integrated performing arts, such as clocks and mechanical performance, body sculpture, small Fireworks. Performance mode, at this stage the performing arts technology, means more and more, has limited the breakthrough stage, forming a modern interactive technology innovation mode of performing arts.

7, m-art is an expression of the dynamic feel of the technique, but also traditional action-a kind of static art expression. It not only emphasizes the dynamic form, would also like to emphasize the participants interaction and embodiment of the process itself and the participants subjective feelings. Theme parks within the dynamic art refers to a static landscape dynamics and dynamic interactive recreation way.

8, theme park is a theme park into the tourists in their activities, sports, get the feel and experience of the dynamic processes. Win theme park is based on the technology area, pleasure first of all to a large number of amusement equipment, his introduction of a hi-tech theme using stereoscopic imaging technology, holographic projection technology way, through the environment, scenes, artistic design, allowing visitors to get the magical experience, their mood and theme eventually reach a high degree of integration.

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