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Amusement Equipment Safety Concept
Jun 30, 2016

Production safety law will be "people-oriented, insist on safety development" established for the safety philosophy, focusing on three things: 1, must in my life is the most precious human lives, lives and interests are the biggest interest. Development must not be at the expense of human life, this is an insurmountable red line. 2, and economic social continued health development must to security for based, and premise and guarantees economy and regional economic, and all industry and field, and various production business units of continued health development, to established in security guarantees capacity constantly enhanced, and safety status continued improved, and workers life security and body health get effective guarantees of based Shang, do safety and economic social continued health development, the work synchronization planning, and synchronization deployment, and synchronization advance, achieved can continued health development. 3, building a harmonious socialist society must solve the safety is not only the people concerned about the safety of the hot and difficult, is also a starting point of construction of a harmonious society, focus. Only safety, secure development, countries can become strong and prosperous peace, people can be blessed with peace, social harmony and stability. The production and business operation entities, security development is implementing the scientific concept of development, scientific, sustainable, effective, fast and coordinated development and an important guarantee is an important embodiment of their economic, political and social responsibility, are an important basis for strengthening market competitiveness. Insist on safety development, is to maximize development efficiency, reduce development risk, achieve better and faster development of the society. Development of security and outcome is serious and effective implementation of safety regulations, systems and measures.

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