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Children's Play Facilities To Implement Process Safety Monitoring
Jun 30, 2016

Many years of practice shows that special safety equipment involved in the production, use, inspection, supervision and inspection process, therefore, must involve the security of all aspects of the implementation of safety supervision over the whole process. The whole process including special equipment design, manufacturing, installation, use, inspection, repair, alteration, such as the seven steps, the whole process of security monitoring are effective means to ensure security. Special equipment accident often occurs when using the reasons associated with all aspects. Special equipment technology is more complex, interrelated between each link and mutual influence, such as design, manufacturing, should consider not only the safety requirements of the equipment itself, but also takes into account requirements of the installation, use, inspection, and other links. Correct analysis of the accident and make improvements in all aspects of, is to establish and improve an appropriate security regulations and standards based. From a large number of accidents can lead to the conclusion that to be effective in the prevention of accidents must be strict management on all aspects of special equipment, establishing and perfecting the organization system, regulatory systems and specialized safety supervision over the whole process. Supervision and inspection of the specific activities and content shall comply with the regulations on safety supervision over special equipment. Its meaning is as follows: a is compatible with administration, supervision according to law, special equipment safety supervision and management departments according to the implementation of the regulation on safety supervision, the exercise of powers prescribed in; the second is any unit or individual is not outside the law, including acts of supervision and inspection, safety supervision shall, within the scope of the regulations, is not ultra vires, cannot also be used as.

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