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Children's Safe Use Of The Equipment Needed To Meet Requirements
Jun 30, 2016

The normal and safe operation of children's play equipment, be sure to carefully before running a comprehensive inspection, under the premise that meet certain requirements can be put into operation, then the children's safe use of the equipment require what are the requirements? To introduce to you in greater detail below.

First, children's play equipment in operation and use, all channels and the outlet should have sufficient lighting to prevent personal injury.

Second, posted in marked place "For Passengers", which should include the facility's characteristics, suitable objects prohibited matters and matters needing attention.

Third, children's play equipment in front of the daily operation, use the test-unit must be run and the appropriate security checks and inspection of records.

Iv before each run, children's play equipment, operating and service personnel must be explained to visitors safety precautions and check to make sure the safety devices. Running dynamic should pay attention to tourists, stop the dangerous behavior of tourists.

V, an outdoor children's play equipment in dangerous weather conditions such as storms may not operate and use height of more than 20 m rides when wind speeds greater than 15 m/s, you must stop running.

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