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How To Build The Trampoline Park
Jun 02, 2018

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Nowadays, trampolining became an official gymnastic sport. Since then, the sport has grown quickly—and so has the indoor trampoline industry. There are over 8000 parks in the world.


Who is this business right for?

Anyone who loves people, adventure and having fun may be well-suited for operating an indoor trampoline park business. These businesses promise guests high-flying adventures and fun activities in an indoor setting.


Business owners often also need to either have sizeable savings, decent credit or a business partner who can provide financial capital, because the start up costs for an indoor trampoline park business can be high.


What happens during a typical day at an indoor trampoline park?

In a typical day, a business owner will welcome players, explain how to enjoy the trampolines safely and respond to guests’ requests. They also may help serve guests refreshments, prepare for any scheduled parties and clean the facility, although these tasks may also be done by employees.


When not interacting with guests, a business owner will spend their time scheduling and managing employees, inspecting and repairing equipment, and marketing the business.


What is the target market?

An indoor trampoline park business’ ideal customer is a family that has active children and discretionary income. Trampolines are a fun way for kids to burn off some energy while having fun, and a family with discretionary income can afford to bring kids to the trampoline park.


How does an indoor trampoline park make money?

An indoor trampoline park business makes money by charging guests a fee for a set amount of jump time. Many also rent equipment (e.g. specialized jumping socks) and sell refreshments.


What is the growth potential for an indoor trampoline park?

Most indoor trampoline park businesses serve a single city. In areas where there is already at least one trampoline park, competition may be stiff. In cities that don’t have any, though, an indoor trampoline park business can fill a unique niche in the out-of-home entertainment industry. People from all over the city may be willing to drive to the trampoline park, because it’s something different.

How much profit can an indoor trampoline park make?

While the start up costs for an indoor trampoline park are high, so is the profit potential. One trampoline park in California has a gross revenue of $2 million and a profit margin of 39 percent -- which equates to an annual profit of $780,000. A business owner who opened a park in New Jersey expected a profit margin of 25 percent.


How can you make your business more profitable?

An indoor trampoline park business can increase its profitability by adding concessions and other forms of entertainment. Transforming a facility that’s exclusively dedicated to trampolines into one that’s a trampoline-focused family entertainment venue can double guests’ time in the park and increase revenue by as much as $1 million annually.

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