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New Play Equipment Maintenance Methods
Jun 30, 2016

As new playground equipment began to appear later, gradually after the equipment long-term use, maintenance is required. Of course, in the process, what are the basic maintenance methods?

For moisture, heat and fade wood, is very important for a maintenance procedure. Because long-term use of wood will cause damage easily, this poses a threat to children's safety. Therefore usually use SOAP and water to clean, so you can disinfect, better for the long-term use is with a certain degree of protection.

In many new amusement equipment, are is by circuit electrical for composition of, as in these aspects maintenance of when, first is to will by some circuit for cut, then for wet cloth wipe, such words, only can guarantee very dry through of effect, then in for received Shang power, see try run of effect how, this in operation process in the, is became has is important of a skills and features, real can new of build has such of new amusement features where.

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