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Play Equipment Manufacturers Based On Insight From Actual Consumer Demand
Jun 30, 2016

One, Insight into consumer needs from reality

Consumer insight, found real consumer needs and preferences, and applied to the marketing practices of manufacturers, which is to discover new market opportunities, new strategies and tactics to improve marketing effectiveness and effective ways to escape market melee. Now play equipment range, homogeneity is serious regardless of playground equipment is also used for packaging, manufacturers only insight into what consumers really need to find market opportunities, can take effective marketing action.

By contrast, some manufacturers, especially small and medium manufacturers to enter the market, amusement equipment in product development and production, always blindly. Such manufacturers, market way, products are actually doing is not fine. No breakthrough in the main direction, these small playground equipment manufacturers are difficult to survive for a long time in the market.

Two, create clear brand positioning

Is the core of market positioning and brand positioning, the expression contains the dimension are: market positioning, pricing, positioning, geographical positioning, positioning, positioning the crowd. Amusement equipment manufacturer once you have selected a target market, it is necessary to design and create their own corresponding products, brands and manufacturers, to achieve the objective of consumer recognition.

So-called brand positioning, not just for the market, is more aimed at the consumer, and brand positioning of the ultimate aim is to seize the hearts of consumers, and product sales. For the formation of the manufacturer's brand positioning, play equipment manufacturers need insights into consumer demand, and depending on the progress of the times and play equipment product development trends lead consumers generate new demand. Meanwhile, amusement equipment manufacturers also need to survey on consumer behavior, understand their life forms or psychological conditions, from the product name, price, technology, quality, packaging, service, image, culture, or some concept develop distinctive character features, formed in the minds of consumers "only" personality, brand positioning.

Third, the combination of technology and dissemination of innovations

"Creative" is divided into technological innovation and diffusion of innovation. For technical innovation, is mainly aimed at the different needs of different consumers, amusement devices amusement device manufacturers develop and produce new products in order to gain more market share. As regards the dissemination of innovation, it is amusement equipment products to be extended out, giving a new, amazing, shock and a sense of effectiveness, impressed in the minds of consumers.

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