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Playground Equipment Accessories Should Always Check
Jun 30, 2016

Check playground equipment should be aware of when equipment parts, General work inspection of amusement equipment before operating to prevent unexpected accident during the equipment during normal business operations, delay doing business also may lead to bad results, check that we should pay attention to what accessories? First is the safety of protection devices, especially for some of the more exciting playground equipment safety devices checking to avoid equipment running in the process, because the device safety protection devices in place, causing unnecessary accidents. Second is the amusement equipment motor, especially for some types of playground equipment from a height of motor check to avoid equipment running in the process, suddenly motor fails to suspend the device, letting some passengers stopped in mid-air, caused a certain degree of risk to passengers. Connection device for a third bearing is also part of the focus of inspection should be carried out to ensure that equipment is running properly, in fact, these are only some of the considerations that should, in order to safeguard the safety of passengers, in order to provide better service to passengers, staff, careful check equipment every day.

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