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Playground Equipment Manufacturers To Expand Through Brand Effect Visibility
Jun 30, 2016

Throughout the play equipment market, homogeneity of phenomena have become common in the industry, rely solely on product design, marketing innovation, has been unable to break the shackles of playground equipment manufacturers also need to seek another way to crack. In fact, domestic playground equipment manufacturer in terms of hard work hard work is indeed impressive, but in terms of emotional connection with the consumer are not close, this is because of the lack of brand culture as a link, and this is just recreation equipment brand differentiation key to competitive advantage.

Brand culture influence the consumer's choice

Traditional economic theory says consumers spend more, generally simple equivalent concept (that is, price is equal to the value of the product) influence the quality and value of the product determines the choice of consumer goods. However, in today's product homogeneity and higher, this simple concept of equivalent is under challenge from reality! under the same consumer purchasing power, their traditional equivalent standards-compliant products on the market is often more than one, traditional consumption concept of the consumer into a kind of trade-off dilemma situation.

How consumers make their choice of? it is understood, in addition to the recognition of product quality and value, there is a force is affecting consumer choices, this is the role of brand culture. Brand culture resonate with consumers once the inner identity of culture and values, which is very powerful. Because it is outside of service, brand products and added value, it is this intangible added value effects of homogenization of consumer product choices.

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