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What Is Children's Play Equipment Safety
Jun 30, 2016

In outdoor play, children's play equipment for visitors, especially children brings a great deal of fun and laughter, every playground is an indispensable form of recreation. Tourists visit often for security are ignored, this can lead to some unexpected, how does the security of children's play equipment?

Want to put myself in a more secure environment, visitors must start from their correct way of playing. To read before taking children's play equipment For Passengers and security considerations, increased awareness of self protection. Not suitable for their own children's play equipment must not try to ride, especially those with heart diseases, don't compare your life. On be sure to fasten your seat belt, during operation or in the children's play equipment to stop working until the unlock on their own, not to any part of the body out of the cabin outside or eating snacks and drinks, and avoid danger.

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